Prima Vista 21st Anniversary

Wednesday, 9th August 2023 | by PVS


It has been 21 years since Prima Vista Solusi was established, and we continue to innovate and grow as a company that provides and distributes end-to-end payment solutions.

The company's anniversary means that there is a long journey and success that deserves to be celebrated. This is also inseparable from the dedication of Prima Vista employees who helped in the development of the company.

This anniversary celebration was opened by Mr. Pardjo as President Director and Mrs. Wiwi and Mr. Jonathan as Directors who expressed gratitude for the Company's condition that has improved to God Almighty. The event was continued by "potong tumpeng" led by Mr. Jonathan Gunawan. He expressed his gratitude to the dedication of Prima Vista employees who help the Company continue to grow, as well as hope that Prima Vista continues to move forward with the latest innovations.

With many challenges ahead, let's continue to make each of our step a greater journey.

Happy anniversary Prima Vista!

Prima Vista 21st Anniversary

Wednesday, 9th Agustus 2023 | oleh PVS


Prima Vista has been providing and distributing end-to-end payment solutions for a long time. As of the day of its establishment, namely August 9 2002, Prima Vista has been active and assisting the development of the national payment system industry for 20 years.

Starting from a small space with a limited number of employees, Prima Vista has been able to grow rapidly with hundreds of employees spread across nearly 100 cities throughout Indonesia.

As an expression of gratitude to God Almighty, and appreciation for the dedicated employees so far, Prima Vista held a birthday celebration party in August 2022. The celebration was opened with an introduction from Mr. Sendra Gunawan, followed by a tumpeng cutting event. As the Main Commissioner, Mr. Sendra also expressed his hope that Prima Vista would continue to advance with various new solutions.

Happy 20th anniversary of Prima Vista! Add age and progress. There are many challenges ahead, but also many opportunities to continue to grow to be even better.

Let's grow together and fly forever!